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New features on PastureMap

July 12, 2016

This is Christine and George, founders of PastureMap.

It’s midway through summer and we hope your season is going well. We’re grateful for all the love and support you’ve given us as early adopters and paid subscribers of PastureMap! Your support means the world. It’s been a busy summer for us too, and we’re really excited to share with you the new features we’ve been working on.

Stay with us, there are quite a few announcements…

New features for subscribers

Export maps

All your pasture fencelines can be downloaded into shapefiles and KMLs to send to your fencing suppliers or NRCS. Tutorial

Sharing access off-ranch

Now you can share access for your PastureMap account with off-ranch consultants and advisors by inviting them through email. Consultants can toggle between multiple client ranches. This will allow NRCS or extension agents, advisors, and consultants to be virtually alongside you during the grazing season, so you can get on the same page. Tutorial

  • Share and discuss new fenceline configurations

  • Plan new infrastructure features

  • Review grazing planning and records

  • Look at photos of invasives and help with field monitoring

  • Evaluate progress of trial plots

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PastureMap Pro

For the serious graziers and holistic managers, which many of you are, we’ve launched PastureMap Pro to stay on top of your operation – more automated reporting, management features, and in-field logging of infrastructure and herd notes.

  • Animal Days/Acre during the season

  • Forage grazed during the season

  • Export grazing records to Excel

  • Export herd weight gain records to Excel

  • Add and move around objects like water troughs, gates, hay bales, and rain gauges at

  • View objects on iPhone/iPad

  • Aerial imaging coverage with our aerial and satellite imaging partners

  • Take notes and upload pictures of objects in the field needing repair (coming soon)

  • Update animal weights and notes in the field on iPhone/iPad (coming soon)

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Offer ends 7/30.

Aerial imaging coverage

We’ve partnered with an aerial imaging company, TerrAvion, the largest provider in the Western United States, to bring you cutting edge aerial imaging services. Here’s what you can do with imaging delivered onto PastureMap every two weeks:

  • Watch forage growth and identify poor growth areas

  • Use thermal mapping to identify heat-stressed areas which will dry up first

  • Use spectral imaging to identify invasive species growth

Click here to find out if aerial imaging is available in your area

For those of you outside TerrAvion’s flight zone, we’re working hard to bring you satellite coverage soon. Stay tuned.

Wishing you an abundant summer,

Christine and George