Introducing flexible pricing for PastureMap - Grassroots Carbon PastureMap

Introducing flexible pricing for PastureMap

April 23, 2024

Woo Hoo! PastureMap is now available to you with a lower base price and flexible pricing to meet your operational needs!

New Pricing Structure 

The PastureMap team understands your operations fluctuate with growing seasons, birthing seasons, and other factors throughout the year. To better accommodate your needs, the PastureMap team is proud to announce an exciting new pricing structure.

The new pricing structure allows you to adjust animal count and team members as needed for your ranching operation. In addition to flexible pricing, you will now be able to see all invoices on your account, edit billing addresses, and update payment methods at any time of the month. To locate the new subscription structure, please go to the Subscription page of your account.

Thank you for your partnership! Most importantly, thank you for being a rancher!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I manage my subscription? 

To manage your subscription, select the blue 'MANAGE SUBSCRIPTION' button on the “Subscription” page of your account. Adjust the animal and member counts by selecting the blue circle, enter any provided promo code, and view the new total. Click 'NEXT', confirm your billing address, select payment details, and click 'Pay Now'.

I am a Grassroots Carbon client, how does this affect me? 

As a Grassroots Carbon client, you will continue to receive your PastureMap account free of charge. Learn more about selling soil carbon credits in the USA at

I am part of a research project, how does this affect me? 

If you are participating in a research project where the researching company pays for your account, you will not be affected by the new pricing structure as the company will be invoiced for your account.

Subscription and Pricing Breakdown

Core Plan: 
$10/month for 1 team member and 50 head of livestock. 

Starter Plan: 
$65/month for 2 team members and 500 head of livestock. 

Pro Plan: 
$145/month for 5 team members and 1,000 head of livestock. 

Additional Member Pricing for All Plans:
$10 per additional team member. (Maximum of 50 members per account)

Additional Livestock Pricing for All Plans: 
Up to 1,000 head: $5 per 50 head; 
1,001 to 2,000 head: $3.75 per head;
Over 2,000 head: $2.50 per head.

For requirements beyond these: contact

Billing Cycle & Subscription 

Payment is due on the same date of every month based on the date of your subscription update. 

Users will receive an email notification one prior to payment due date and an email confirmation upon receipt of payment. 

For upgrades or other subscription assistance, email

To locate or view invoices: Go to Subscription > Billing details.

How do I edit my billing address?

To edit your billing address, navigate to the Subscription Page > Edit Billing Address > Change > Add New Address > Save.

How do I update my payment method?

Update your payment method by visiting the Subscription Page : Update Payment Method > Add new payment method : Update. If you need to remove a credit/debit card, email with the last four digits of the card.

I updated my billing address and/or payment method, does my billing date change?

No. The billing date only changes when a user makes an update to his/her subscription by changing the animal and/or team member count.

I do not see an invoice for my account?

If you do not see an invoice for your account, please contact

How do I view my invoices?

View invoices by navigating to Subscription Page > View Invoices > Select invoice to view > Download.