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Increase The Productivity and Profitability Of Your Ranch

Regenerative practices increase the day-to-day productivity of ranchers across the U.S. - income from the carbon credits they generate is just a bonus.

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Regenerative Agriculture Increases Your Profitability

Carbon Credits for Ranchers: Meet the regenerative ranchers who earn income for healthy soil

Who It’s For

We’re partnering with ranchers who:
Have grazing cattle
Have over 500 acres in a qualifying U.S. area
Are practicing or considering regenerative agriculture

How It Works

1. Apply

Apply to become a carbon credit rancher.

2. Meet

Meet with our team to discuss your location, land management practices, and your openness to changing those practices.

3. Measure

If it’s a fit, a measurement team will confirm how much carbon is already stored on your land.

4. Land Management 

Begin creating more carbon credits by implementing regenerative practices and tracking them on our grazing management software, called PastureMap.

5. Get Paid

Get paid annually for the additional carbon credits that you’re storing on your land.

Get access to these additional benefits


Courses and learning opportunities for regenerative agriculture


Discounts on products you may already be buying for your ranch

PastureMap Pro

Free PastureMap Pro account to help you make better grazing management decisions.


Learning and networking with other Grassroots Carbon ranchers

We get to partner with folks with honesty and integrity. The payments… will greatly offset our capital costs of switching to Adaptive High Stock Density.

Loy Sneary
Grassroots Carbon Rancher, Texas
Grassroots carbon's partner and his ranch

Apply Now

Are you a rancher in the United States with over 500 acres? You may be eligible to sell your carbon credits! Start by telling us more about your ranch.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I get paid?

It depends. The rancher gets paid based on the total carbon credits they’ve created while under contract with Grassroots Carbon. You can maximize your carbon revenue by managing your land for optimal soil health, such as by implementing regenerative practices. The sales price of the credits are determined on a year-to-year basis. Ranchers receive 80% of the carbon credit sale, while 20% is retained by Grassroots Carbon.

How often will I get paid?

Annually. You’ll get an annual pre-payment based on a conservative estimate of your soil carbon storage for that year. After 5 years, the actual amount of soil carbon storage will be measured. We’ll then be able to sell the difference in carbon credits that were actually stored minus the estimated storage already sold on your behalf.

What upfront costs do I have to pay to start?

Aside from the investments you choose to make to improve your regenerative land management practices, there are no out of pocket costs to get started. While the cost of measurement, application, verification, and certification will be deducted from carbon credit sales revenue, the fact that we share these costs ensures that we will constantly strive to reduce them.