PastureMap+ 2.0: Download the new mobile app today - Grassroots Carbon

PastureMap+ 2.0: Download the new mobile app today

April 23, 2024

PastureMap+ 2.0 is Live!

PastureMap+ is the updated  mobile app from Grassroots Carbon that brings faster data syncing across desktop and mobile, improved mobile mapping capabilities, more precise subdivision management and improved grazing records management.

Faster data background syncing: 

Enhanced syncing, makes data updates faster without disrupting your workflow on the mobile or desktop version.

Improved mobile mapping and subdivision management: 

Better mobile mapping and ability to convert subdivided pastures into permanent pastures.

Better grazing record management:

Ability to delete incorrect or duplicated grazing records in PastureMap+, version 2.0.

Updated user interface: 

Improved to be more user-friendly to ensure a seamless experience.

Download now:

Thank you for your partnership! Most importantly, thank you for being a rancher!

Frequently Asked Questions

I downloaded PastureMap+, what’s next? 

Login to PastureMap+ with the email address and password you created for the original PastureMap app. All of your ranching data will be transferred into the new app.

Will my PastureMap data be lost? 

No. The mobile app syncs with the desktop version of PastureMap and no data will be lost in the transition from the original app to PastureMap+

If you need assistance, please email

Are there video tutorials of PastureMap+?  

Does PastureMap+ have the new pricing too?

Yes. Go to the Subscription page in your account to manage your subscription. 

Must I delete the original PastureMap app?


It is not required that users must delete the original PastureMap app from his/her mobile device. If users delete the original PastureMap app from his/her mobile device, he/she will no longer be able to download it after deletion. The original PastureMap (white compass on orange) will no longer be support nor maintained.

Where can I submit feedback?

What is the purpose of PastureMap?

PastureMap and its mobile app, PastureMap+, assists land stewards with grazing management practices through record keeping focused on soil health.