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About Us

Grassroots Carbon offers nature-based soil carbon storage solutions to companies aiming to reduce their carbon impact.

We are a team of soil scientists, ranchers, software engineers, entrepreneurs and more from a diverse array of industries, and backgrounds, including Amazon, Shell, Expedia, and Stanford University.

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What We Do

Many companies face ambitious climate targets. They need to reduce their own emissions and remove CO2 from the atmosphere by purchasing high-quality carbon credits. Meanwhile, American ranchers occupy hundreds of millions of acres of grazing lands that can draw carbon down and store it in soil for thousands of years.

Grassroots Carbon partners with ranchers across the United States to help them get rewarded for storing carbon by matching them with corporate carbon credit buyers.

We arrange rigorous soil sampling and measurement to assess carbon storage on their land, provide education on the best land management practices for carbon storage, verify and certify the carbon credits according to the Regenerative Standard, and find buyers for the credits.

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Why Grassroots Carbon?

10 Million

Grazing acres in PastureMap


Soil Value Exchange and PastureMap merged to create Grassroots Carbon


Carbon credit buyers

$2 Million

Total disbursed to ranchers

How It Started

Grassroots Carbon was founded as a nature based voluntary carbon marketplace to provide benefits to ranchers while helping companies reduce their carbon impact. Here’s how it started.

Dr. Henk Mooiweer co-founded Soil Value Exchange Public Benefit LLC, a carbon crediting aggregator that delivers high-quality, measured, and independently certified soil carbon storage.


PastureMap, a grazing management software company founded in 2015, was acquired by Soilworks Natural Capital, an investment company on a mission to prove that regenerative grazing is the most profitable way to ranch.

April 2021

PastureMap and Soil Value Exchange merged to form Grassroots Carbon Public Benefit LLC, becoming a Soilworks Natural Capital portfolio company.

January 2022

Grassroots Carbon issued America’s first soil carbon credits and disbursed the first payments to ranchers.

January 2023

Grassroots Carbon continues to rapidly grow and has paid ranchers over $2 Million for storing carbon, with over 20 carbon credit buyers.

Our Offices

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Our Investors

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Work With Us

Grassroots Carbon is made up of smart, creative, and inspired people from all backgrounds working to fundamentally change how the world approaches carbon storage. If you want to help us save the soil and the planet, please check out current roles at our Career's Page.

The opportunity to create the leading carbon marketplace to accelerate this move was a no-brainer. We expect in 20 years we will look back at this as a key moment of change in the food and climate industries.

Lew Moorman
Board chair of Grassroots Carbon and co-founder of Soilworks Natural Capital
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Press release

First American ranchers paid for soil carbon credits!

Grassroots Carbon Public Benefit LLC, a Texas-based soil carbon credit company that connects American ranchers with companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint, releases over $200k in payments to Texas ranchers for soil carbon credits representing atmospheric carbon dioxide captured and stored in their grassland soils.

This is achieved by ranchers through the use of regenerative grazing practices.

These payments represent the first time that American ranchers were paid for delivered soil carbon credits.

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