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Become a Herd Fellow at The Grassfed Exchange!

January 10, 2019

Calling young farmers and ranchers! Apply for The Herd Fellows Scholarship for Grassfed Exchange 2019. This year’s theme is Regeneration Rising, for new farmers and ranchers.

Scholarship Details

Scholarship: Herd Fellows get a full ride to the Grassfed Exchange conference, which also includes full travel and lodging. We spotlight Herd Fellows and connect them with mentors. In addition, join an alumni network of 100+ Herd Fellows from The Grassfed Exchange or Quivira Coalition conferences. Herd Fellows are supported by our friends at TomKat Ranch, Paicines Ranch, Armonia, and the 11th Hour Project.  

Apply here by January 15: Herd Fellow Scholarship Application  


Eligibility: Any new or young farmer, student, intern, or apprentice under 35 or veteran under 45.  

Why attend this year?

Regeneration Rising 2019 is April 3-5 in Santa Rosa, California. 

This is the first time The Grassfed Exchange has come to California, in order to connect a national grassfed beef movement with the vibrant agricultural and local food community in Northern California. Santa Rosa has a lot to offer, as an agricultural and winemaking region that spreads
consumer awareness about soil health and biodiversity practices. It is also a strong and resilient farming community that still recovering from recent wildfires.

More importantly, this year’s conference theme is Regeneration Rising, because we are empowering the next generation of farmers and ranchers.

It’s about you. “We believe strongly in a diverse and inclusive community of new farmers and ranchers. If you aren’t sure whether you should apply, you should! We want you here.” Our CEO, Christine Su, is co-chair of the Grassfed Exchange 2019 conference. Our mission is to empower the next generation of regenerative farmers and ranchers. That’s why the PastureMap team is dedicating months of volunteer time to The Grassfed Exchange.

Grassfed Exchange Conference 2019

  • Real Talk on challenges for young farmers. Land access, partners and funding, difficult conversations, power dynamics
  • Pasture tours led by young producers.
  • Grazing management master classes with mentors like Doniga Markegard, Joe Morris, Glenn Elzinga
  • Managing through wildfire and natural disasters. Hear from producers who have lived through wildfire and how they plan for it
  • Latest in regenerative science from Cindy Daley, Paige Stanley, Joan Salwen, Kelly Garbach

Apply here by January 15: Herd Fellow Scholarship Application

See you in Santa Rosa!