First Texas ranchers paid $200k for delivered soil carbon credits! - Grassroots Carbon

First Texas ranchers paid $200k for delivered soil carbon credits!

February 16, 2022

Grassroots Carbon Public Benefit LLC releases over $200k in payments to Texas ranchers for soil carbon credits representing atmospheric carbon dioxide captured and stored in their grassland soils. These payments represent the first time that American ranchers were paid for delivered soil carbon credits. 

Grassroots Carbon, a Texas-based soil carbon credit company that connects American ranchers with companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint, released over $200k in payments to Texas ranchers for soil carbon credits. These ranchers are paid for capturing and storing atmospheric carbon dioxide in their healthy soils, which they achieved through the use of regenerative grazing practices. Regenerative grazing, which increases ecological and soil health, actually draws atmospheric carbon back down into the soil.

Loy Sneary, a rancher participating in the program said “It’s been an exciting time for us at Sneary Cattle to be a part of this” and went on to offer this piece of advice for ranchers looking into Grassroots Carbon. “For ranchers who are considering the type of regenerative grazing management we are doing, this payment could very well give them the impetus to move into this type of grazing management” 

It’s not just the credits that excite ranchers like Loy, it is great to be a part of a movement that could have major implications for revitalizing America’s grassland ecology and in this way also combating climate change.

Sneary continued, “The other thing that is exciting about it is seeing the companies buying the carbon credits from Grassroots Carbon and their commitment to actually reducing their carbon footprint. This is more than just a paragraph on their website that says they are being good stewards of the environment, these folks are actually putting their money where their mouth is and I really appreciate that” 

These payments represent the first of many payments to American ranchers: several additional soil sampling campaigns are being scheduled and Grassroots Carbon plans to certify and deliver another 200k tCO2 of measured and certified soil carbon credits this year, representing more money going back to American ranchers.

“We are absolutely thrilled to pay the first ranchers in our network for the atmospheric CO2 they capture and store in their healthy soils,” said Henk Mooiweer, CEO and Co-Founder of Grassroots Carbon. “This is the start of an exciting journey where thousands of American ranchers will be rewarded for the millions of tons of CO2 they will store in their soils. The companies in our network who buy these nature-based, measured, verified, and certified carbon credits are not just reducing their carbon footprint, they support the revitalization of America’s grassland ecology with impacts far beyond just carbon.”    

The first group of ranchers paid by Grassroots Carbon in January can look forward to a much higher payment at the end of this year. The first-year payment is lower due to the high cost of rigorous soil sampling, which is conducted every 5 years. As an added benefit to ranchers participating in Grassroot Carbon’s soil carbon credit program, they do not incur any out-of-pocket costs in the measurement process and can enjoy regular technical and educational support from the Grassroots Carbon team. 

Parties interested in supporting the restoration of American grasslands can purchase soil carbon credits or learn how they can become a participating rancher under Grassroots Carbon at

About Grassroots Carbon: Grassroots Carbon is a public benefit LLC focused on helping companies reduce their carbon footprint so they are positioned to win in a carbon constrained world, while offering ranchers an easy, transparent way to be rewarded for their regenerative practices.