Soil Value Exchange and Pasture Map Merge to Create Grassroots Carbon, the Leading Provider of High-Quality, Measured and Certified, Soil Carbon Storage Credits - Grassroots Carbon

Soil Value Exchange and Pasture Map Merge to Create Grassroots Carbon, the Leading Provider of High-Quality, Measured and Certified, Soil Carbon Storage Credits

April 16, 2021

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — Grassroots Carbon Public Benefit LLC launched today, after the merger of Soil Value Exchange and PastureMap. The new company instantly provides scalable, measured, and certified soil carbon storage solutions to companies who want to reduce their carbon footprint. The new company combines access to regenerative landowners, value generating rotational grazing software, a soil carbon mapping data solution, with the delivery of proven and independently certified carbon credits. Grassroots Carbon will pay landowners who capture and store atmospheric carbon in their healthy soils.

  • Soil Value Exchange is trusted by leading companies like Shopify and Marathon Oil to help them reach their carbon reduction goals. Soil Value Exchange delivers high-quality, measured, and independently certified Soil Carbon storage.
  • PastureMap’s grazing software makes rotational grazing easier and more profitable. PastureMap rancher network already supports ranchers who regeneratively manage over 4 million acres of grasslands and is rapidly expanding.

Grassroots Carbon aims to unlock the massive atmospheric carbon capture storage potential of grazed pasture and rangelands, which cover over one third of the US and represent a critically threatened native prairie ecosystem. If managed using regenerative techniques that mimic the way ruminants have long roamed on an open prairie, these grasslands could capture and reliably store as much as 1 billion tonnes of atmospheric CO2 every year and offer an impactful climate crisis solution at a scale that matters.

“As demand for reliable, affordable and scalable carbon footprint reduction solutions is rapidly growing, we are excited to offer our customers a solution that makes it easier for them to thrive in a carbon constrained world,” says Henk Mooiweer, CEO of Grassroots Carbon. “We bring high quality, measured and independently certified nature-based carbon capture and storage solutions at the scale our customers need, based on our large network of ranchers using our PastureMap software. Ranchers and farmers can now be paid for the continuous amazing work they do to atmospheric store carbon.”

According to Lew Moorman, board chair of Grassroots Carbon and Co-founder of Soil Works Natural Capital: “Our goal is to accelerate the move to regenerative farming and the addition of certified carbon credits will be a game changer for ranchers. The opportunity to create the leading carbon marketplace to accelerate this move was a no brainer. We expect in 20 years we will look back at this as a key moment of change in the food and climate industries.”

“For the first year of Shopify’s Sustainability Fund, we chose to work with companies that have innovative ideas that we believe have the highest potential to reverse climate change,” said Stacy Kauk, Director of Shopify’s Sustainability Fund. “The world needs ambitious entrepreneurs like those at Grassroots Carbon to continue pushing the carbon removal frontier, and chart the course for those who will follow in what is shaping up to be humanity’s most important industry yet.”

About Grassroots: Grassroots Carbon Grazing Network is a public benefit LLC focused on helping companies reduce their carbon footprint so they are positioned to win in a carbon constrained world, while offering ranchers an easy, transparent way to be rewarded for their regenerative practices.

About Soilworks: Soilworks Natural Capital is devoted to expanding the regenerative agriculture economy. Soilworks’ mission is to invest in, incubate, and acquire assets to help accelerate regenerative farming practices as well as drive consumer awareness and demand for regenerative products.

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